Monday, September 13, 2010

My Review of Mark and Tracy Reifkind's DVD Series

Mark Reifkind: Lats: The Super Muscle
Tracy Reifkind: Programming the Kettlebell Swing

I decided to review these two DVD's together as a pair for several reasons. One, Mark and Tracy are married and I thought it would be cool to review them as a set. They have been married for 20-years, and the chemistry between them is evident in the DVD. Second, you will soon discover when you watch the DVD series that the lats are a critical factor in mastering the Kettlebell swing. So, when you learn about how the lats work and the role they play in movement, it will take your swing to a whole new level.

Listen to my podcast interview with Mark and Tracy here. Hear them talk in-depth about the DVD and what inspired them to make it. 

Make sure to also listen to the podcast with the Iron Tamer David Whitley who made his own two-disc DVD set with Mark and Tracy.


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Also look below for sample video clips of the DVD's.

The Lats...being a sports medicine practitioner and health care provider I work with the lats everyday. The lats are an underlying culprit in almost every chronic injury that presents to my office. Unfortunately, not many people understand the significant impact this muscle plays in injury prevention, sports performance and fitness enhancement. But, you can bet Mark Reifkind does! It was so wonderfully refreshing to see Mark reveal all the 'secrets' of the latissimus dorsi muscle. I call them 'secrets' because nobody knows about it. Until now...thanks to Mark.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn on this DVD.

  • The role of the lats in movement
  • Anatomy of the lats (origin, insertion, movements)
  • How to engage the lats with arm movements
  • Why it is called 'The Bridge' between the upper and lower body
  • Success of the KB Swing with lat engagement
  • The 'Pendulum' movement for lat activation
  • How movement origin effects lat development and muscle activation
  • .....and tons more.

Everyone can benefit from this DVD. Health and fitness professionals, fitness buffs, athletes of all skill levels and the general public. Why? Because we all have lats and we need them to become better at what we do, and remain injury free. 

See more about mark on his blog:

The KB Swing...well now I know why they call Tracy the 'Queen of the Kettlebell Swing!' Holy cow is she good. Tracy is a powerhouse on the swing and her passion for this movement is present in everything she does. Tracy credits the swing with being one of the primary movements that helped her lose over 100 lbs. You can see her incredible transformation here on her blog: Check it out. Such an inspiring tale and Tracy teaches you how she did it.

The Swing DVD is more of an advanced progression of the exercise, yet Tracy does teach some really cool techniques to master beginner movements. I love this exercise, and I have always been looking for new ways to make it more progressive, innovative and challenging. This DVD delivers on all three.

Here is a small sampling of what you will learn from this DVD.

  • Swing mechanics
  • Progressions of timed intervals
  • Relationship to the lats muscle in technique
  • There is a great Q & A Session on this DVD with Tracy, Mark and David Whitley
  • Double arm and single arm variations of the swing
  • ....and tons more.
Tracy does a phenomenal job of teaching you the skills and working you out. Trust me, you will be using muscles and breathing hard on this one. Lots of people may show you how to KB Swing, but very few can teach you. This is where the 'Queen' shines. To her this is not just an exercise. It is a way to transform your body and your life. She is living testament to it! There is nothing more inspiring than learning from someone who believes in what they do from the heart.

See a sample clip of Tracy taking to the max here:

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Mark and Tracy are true givers. They share their knowledge, love, and belief in Kettlebell movements and methods. Now you have the opportunity to be there with them and share in this wonderful gift of learning. Invest in yourself. Invest in your education. Invest in being the best for your clients. Order your DVD's today. Click below to begin your journey. I did!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hormone Optimization Podcast with Mike Mahler

Awesome interview with Mike Mahler about optimizing hormones for fitness, health, and physique development. Mike is a leading expert on how to balance hormones via nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Hear his personal story and discover some great tips to start you off right away.

Visit his website to learn more about his great information.

A sample video clip of Mike in action.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Review of David Whitley's 'Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening Your Getup Skills'

This DVD is the second in a series of four from David Whitley, and Mark and Tracy Reifkind from On Target Publications. Other DVD's in the series include the following:

  1. Lessons Of The Old-Time Strongmen 
  2. Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening Your Getup Skills
  3. Programming The Kettlebell Swing 
  4. Lats: The Super Muscles                                                                                                          

(See my previous review of Lessons Of The Old-Time Strongmen)

Most all of my Stop Chasing Pain fans and every single one of my patient's know that the Turkish Getup is my favorite exercise. It is also my favorite movement pattern. I love the Getup, and anytime I have the opportunity to learn more about it and do it better, I jump on the chance! 

I have seen many DVD's, workshops, seminars, and YouTube videos (don't get me started) showing different variations and instructions on the Getup.  I have to say that this version was the most in depth, yet simple explanation of the who, what, where, when, and why of the movement. 

Dave Whitley is a Master RKC Instructor and CK-FMS Specialist, so you can rest assured he is an expert on Kettlebells and movement. That meant a lot to me, because so many people put themselves out there as experts and they do not have the credentials to back it up! And with the Getup, you want to learn from an expert. David teaches a step by step system for mastering the Getup by breaking down each movement and explaining 'why' you are doing it. He is not just showing you the move, he is teaching you the move.

Here is a taste of what he teaches:

  • How did the Turkish Getup get it's name? you hardly any one can tell you that answer. Dave will!
  • The critical importance of hip mobility in the Getup and how the movement can actually assess mobility (movement)
  • The subtle 'windshield' wiper move that can make all the difference in the hips
  • Setting the pelvis to correct your vectors
  • A really cool way to bridge the hips so you can sense the direction of movement on the initial phase of the Getup (Dave stresses many times that it is NOT a sit-up motion)
  • Why he prefers the 'High Bridge' in the Getup and why it was added
  • Demonstration of the KB Arm Bar for shoulder and T-spine mobility/stability     (Yes there is a right and wrong way to do the arm bar for best results)
  • The importance of the wrist and grip for KB success
  • Understanding your 90 degree angles during each phase of movement (quality...not quantity)
  • How everything ends up being related to the Getup and Swing...such a great insight into recognizing how it all ties together so you understand that's it's more than just an exercise.

Take time invest in your education with this DVD.  So many products are out there that promise you everything, and yet deliver nothing. How many times have you purchased DVD's and been sorely disappointed with the quality and content of information? If you are like me, tons! Trust me, on this DVD you will be not be disappointed. 

I am giving David's DVD 5 Stars ***** . Why five? Because I know the content will help me transform the health, body and well-being of my clients. And that my friends is what it's all about. The only thing better than this DVD is if you get the pleasure of seeing Dave teach it in person. That is a good goal to have! 

In summary...I highly recommend this DVD. So go get one ASAP and see for yourself!

A sample video clip from the DVD talking about hip mobility.

Click here to purchase the 4 disc set from On Target Publications.


 Stay tuned for my next review of Mark and Tracy Reifkind's DVD's.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Review of David Whitley's (The Iron Tamer) DVD 'Lessons Of The Old-Time Strongmen

Right from the beginning...YES, I LOVED IT!

I had the honor and priveledge of meeting David 'The Iron Tamer' Whitley, Master RKC, CK-FMS at the recent FMS Instructor Training Summit with Gray Cook in Danville, VA last month. I have been a loyal follower and avid fan of David's for a long time. His work has literally changed the way I train and the exercise programs I teach to patients. Needless to say, I was so excited to meet the man in person. The first thing that struck me about Dave was his absolute passion for what he does. It permeates everything that he teaches. He is one of the most honorable people I have ever met and a true giver. I even got to train with him in the athletic department of Averette University and get personal instruction on my favorite exercise the Turkish Getup. Talk about an experience! 

My dear friend Laree Draper and publisher from On Target Publications (also the publisher of Gray Cook's new book 'Movement') sent me a copy of Dave's 4-set DVD series with Mark and Tracy Reifkind with include the following titles: 
  1. Lessons Of The Old-Time Strongmen
  2. Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening Your Getup Skills
  3. Programming The Kettlebell Swing
  4. Lats: The Super Muscles
(And yes I will be reviewing each DVD as I watch them)

The DVD starts with a wonderful introduction of Dave by Mark Reifkind, a truly eloquent speaker. Dave goes straight into some amazing feats of strength. He is one of the greatest Strongmen in the world today. He bends nails, bends a frying pan (he actually rolls it into a ball...crazy), straightens a horseshoe, rips a deck of cards behind his back, does an incredible grip strength demo you just have to see to believe, drives a nail through a board by hand to pop a balloon, and does a Turkish Getup with a Kettlebell while balancing a sledgehammer!. What's not to love about this??

The 'Lecture' section of the DVD is a virtual gold mine of applicable information. Dave has some of the best quotations to support his teachings. The one that resonated with me the most and laid out the foundation for what he is trying to teach in this DVD, is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson on principles and methods. Write this quote down and read it everyday! Remember it as you watch the DVD. Dave has learned from, talked to, trained with, and researched the greatest strongmen in history to see what they all had in common. What made them such tremendous athletes? What made them so strong? And how did they do it without all technological overloads in today's fitness industry?  Dave's life experience and tireless quest for research into these questions is right here for you to discover. 

There are many moments that I like to call 'Fortune Cookie Moments'...simple and profound statements that can make all the difference in reaching your goals. Dave stresses more than once not to over complicate things in regards to your training. He discloses different ways to attain strength while maintaining proper function and form. Dave has the FMS and CK-FMS background in understanding the role of movement in fitness and he skillfully combines it with the art of Kettlebell strength. I loved how he starts with feats of strength, imparts pearls of wisdom and ends with more amazing strength demonstrations. Nice way to keep the audience engaged. Plus, he is absolutely hilarious with some one liners that will have you rolling. The one on functional training was

Every fitness professional who wants to take themselves to the next  level in skill development  should get this DVD. The foundational principles Dave teaches in movement and strength also applies to health and medical rehabilitation professionals. I encourage any health professional that evaluates movement and is entrusted with restoring strength and function for patients to watch this video. The general public will benefit greatly from learning how the history of foundational training principles can be applied to current fitness workouts.

Nice camera angles. Well lit. Good audio. Professional editing and a nice menu of topics on the DVD Main Menu. On Target did a professional job on this project. Well worth the investment.

Learn from the past to improve yourself today.

Brilliant in it's simplicity, yet says it all. Thanks Dave for sharing it with us.

Get the DVD series here from On Target Publications today!  

Click here to order>> PURCHASE DVD

Stay tuned for my review of the other three DVD's in the set.