Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dr. Craig Liebenson's New DVD Series

5 Favorite Insights from my friend Dr. Craig Liebenson 
This is just a taste of why you MUST order these DVD's today! I learn from a lot of smart people that I respect and admire. Craig is one of them! Invest in yourself. Invest in this DVD. Invest in your clients. They deserve it...and so do you!! 

  1. Rehabilitation is a PROCESS of care: Assess-Correct-Reasses
  2. A big mistake commonly made is to stay too long with manual therapy or non-functional floor exercises. It is best to move on to upright functional training as soon as possible
  3. Reducing painful movements is the first goal  of treatment.  Often the most effective treatment is the one which treats the painless dysfunction.
  4. Pr Janda evaluated lateral stability upright in 2 ways. First, by assessingsingle leg stance balance by looking for excessive lateral pelvic shift. Second, by assessing lateral pelvic sway during gait.
  5. Most treatments for musculoskeletal pain focus on treatment of the SITE of symptoms. By taking a symptomatic approach instead of addressing the SOURCE of pain recurrences are common. (Does this sound like someone you know????)
Click here to listen to my Stop Chasing Pain Podcast with Dr. Liebenson

Thanks Doc for all the great information. You have taught me so much. 

Now all of you it's your turn. Scroll up and click the pre-order link to buy. I will be interviewing Craig about the DVD's soon. Keep you posted!

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